Datamars livestock readers quickly and easily capture unique identification information, helping farmers and ranchers make quick work of herd management.

Given our expertise in livestock identification systems, it’s only natural that we also provide a variety of versatile readers.
Our RFID devices are developed and produced in-house, and each reader is suited to a different environment, but can be used on a variety of species.
With stationary and portable options, and mountable chute/sweep/gate readers we’re sure to have something that will suit your needs for use indoors or outdoors.

For more information on the most suitable options to meet your needs, please contact or your local Datamars sales representative.

Our solution

GES3S Reader

Portable reader and data collector GES3

  • Portable reader and data collector with best-in-class reading performance
  • User defined data field downloaded to reader with the values entered via the keyboard
  • Extremely robust to withstand very harsh environmental conditions (IP 67)
  • Software for managing data
  • Color display and alphanumeric keyboard
  • Interfaces: USB and Bluetooth
  • Over 1 million IDs memory capacity
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Detachable stick antenna for a safer scanning of your animals

GES3S Reader Datasheet (pdf)
GES3S Reader Quick Start Guide (pdf)
GES3S Reader User Manual (pdf)

Software and firmware
GES3S Reader Firmware bootloader (zip)
GES3S Reader Firmware v1.4.3 (zip)
GES3S Reader Release Note (txt)
Rumisoft PC Software Suite

TracKing-1 Reader

Portable reader

  • Portable reader with best-in-class reading performance
    (30 cm FDX-B / 33 cm HDX)
  • Extremely simple and user-friendly interface
  • Continuous reading and tag counter functions
  • S-ID Software for data download
  • Big color display
  • Interfaces: USB (mass storage, keyboard wedge, virtual com port)
  • 4’000 IDs memory capacity
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Optional Bluetooth

Datasheet (pdf)
TracKing-1 QSG v.4 (pdf)
TracKing 1_App Note_v 2_2016 (pdf)

TracKing-1 Reader firmware v1.4.0 (zip)
TracKing-1 Firmware Release Notes (pdf)
S-ID Download (Windows version) (zip)


Datamars S-ID software is designed to work specifically with Datamars companion animal and livestock readers to help simplify data transfer and reader management associated with electronic animal identification.

S-ID sports a simple, intuitive interface with a wizard to help streamline the setup process. S-ID will automatically detect which Datamars reader is attached and will then display the appropriate functions and options. S-ID will help with data transfer to computer or application, and will also be the interface for downloadable updates and upgrades.


  • Simple, intuitive interface makes S-ID easy to use out-of-the-box
  • Simplifies reader update and upgrade process
  • Provides easy to use data management tools and helps with data organization
  • Connects to the PetLink database and Petmaxx search engine


  • Automatically checks for software and reader updates
  • Data management functions, including browsing, downloading, editing, export of .csv and .xml, and data deletion
  • Backup and restore function
  • Quick connection with Datamars pet databases and search engines worldwide
  • Can be used to send remote commands to the reader (ex.: remote start of microchip reading)

Software and drivers
S-ID Download (Windows version) (zip)
USB Virtual Com Port Drivers (Windows version) (zip)

Datamars S-ID Installation Guide (pdf)